2018 Pitzer Fall Sale Weanlings

2018 Pitzer Ranch Fall Sale Weanlings

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Hip # Sire Dam Dam’s Sire Color/Gender
16 #16 Smart Nu Shiner Smart Three Real Smart Mate Buckskin Stud
36 #36 Smart Nu Shiner Smokin Jo Jackie Joe Jack Red Buckskin Stud
56 #56 Corona Caliente Fiddlin Jackie Joe Jack Red Sorrel Filly
57 #57  Dukixote  Zans Kimanche Black Zans Diamond Shine Blue Roan Filly
69 #69 Smart Nu Shiner Luckys Joe Jack Red Joe Jack Red Palomino Stud
115 #115  Smart Nu Shiner  Watch Miss Bucky  Two Eyed Red Buck Bay Filly
132 #132  Smart Nu Shiner  Eyes Passionate  Two Eyed Red Buck Sorrel Stud
148 #148  Favorable Intentions  Watch Mlady Hombre  Genuine Hombre Dun Filly
162 #162  Corona Caliente  Dutchess Two Watch  Id Watch Bay Stud
165 #165  Favorable Intentions  Sevens Barbie Time  Hes Dun his Time Palomino Stud
220 #220  Smart Nu Shiner  Queens Double Star  Duke Joe Jack Palomino Stud
231 #231  Smart Nu Shiner  Watch Te Duchess Duke Joe Jack Buckskin Filly
236 #236 Smart Nu Shiner Probably In Love  With All Probability Buckskin Filly
279 #279  Smart Nu Shiner  Eyes Truely  Eyes On Red Bay Stud
295 (1) #295  Smart Nu Shiner  Peps Little Twilight  SMartest Little Pep Sorrel Filly
298 #298  Dukixote  Sparkys Leo Gal  Zans Diamond Shine Bay Filly
391 #391  Favorable Intentions  Red Hollywood Melody  Hes Dun His Time Sorrel Stud